Watching The English

The British are known for their politeness. As one of my friends said, and I agree with her: “What are the British selling to the whole world? Good manners!”. The British are valued across the whole world for their good manners and behaviors.

As British people are good at hiding their emotions, you might think they are nice, friendly and happy with you and but their actual opinion of you might be completely opposite. It is very important to understand the hints and midtones. You should have mastery on this entire art.

You can expect a lot of polite email from British. While writing an email, in each line there will write please and thank you. But the most important part of the email will be in the end after all curtsies have been made.

Behind all these friendly gestures and polite manners, British are quite tough. As Britain has a transparent judiciary, they are very aggressive in defending their rights.

English culture is quite complex to comprehend. For this purpose, eMop has a policy which makes it obligatory for the cleaners to clarify each aspect of the task to the client. Also, at the end of the work, the client is also supposed to notify of any work left undone. And if it’s not good, then right away you’ll redo the imperfections. It is expected to reduce the number of complaints.

But what actually happens is that customers nod their heads and tell the janitors “Brilliant Job! Thank you very much!” The cleaner leaves the home with full confidence believing the client is satisfied. But then we receive a list of customer complaints about how everything is so bad as soon as the cleaner leaves. Sometimes they will send a photo as a form of evidence and sometimes they won’t. They will mention that the cleaning was average and did not meet their expectations.

If the client sends a convincing explanation supported by photographs, we send the supervisor to redo all the imperfections. However, if the place doesn’t require any cleaning we say “Sorry, but we do not see a reason here for compensation or re-cleaning.” This has been learned by bitter experience. So in the letter confirming the order, we have included quite a few items written in bold to protect ourselves from unfounded complaints and claims. One of the point, states that the client is bound to check the work and provide feedback, if he is at home and report the problem within 24 hours if he was not at home. British can send complaints in 2 months after cleaning.

Once we received a letter stating that “your cleaner was cleaning our bathroom 2 months ago and I have just found a broken mirror. Except your cleaner no one could have broken it”. On the other hand, it was found that the cleaner has wrote to the client immediately after the work claiming the family had six small children:-)

We have many stories related to our clients as well as our cleaners.

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